Education : What is Instrumentation and Control Engineering?

Engineer monitoring at an oil installation

Instrumentation engineering is the engineering specialization focused on the principle and operation of measuring instruments which are used in design and configuration of automated systems in electrical, pneumatic domains etc. They typically work for industries with automated processes, such as chemical or manufacturing plants, with the goal of improving system productivity, reliability, safety, optimization, and stability. To control the parameters in a process or in a particular system, devices such as microprocessors, microcontrollers or PLCs are used, but their ultimate aim is to control the parameters of a system.

Instrumentation technologists, technicians and mechanics specialize in troubleshooting and repairing and maintenance of instruments and instrumentation systems. This trade is so intertwined with electricians, pipefitters, power engineers, and engineering companies, that one can find him/herself in extremely diverse working situations.

Industrial equipment : Air compressor and its primary applications

An air compressor is an equipment that converts power into kinetic energy by pressurizing and compressing air, which is then released in quick bursts.

The air compressors are used in 5 main applications:
1 - To supply a high-pressure clean air to fill gas cylinders
2 - To supply a moderate-pressure clean air to supply air to a submerged surface supplied diver
3 - To supply a large amount of moderate-pressure air to power pneumatic tools
4 - For filling tires
5 - To produce large volumes of moderate-pressure air for macroscopic industrial processes (such as oxidation for petroleum coking or cement plant bag house purge systems)


Common Uses of X-rays in our daily life

Uses of X-rays include :

1) X-ray crystallography
2) X-ray astronomy
3) X-ray microscopic analysis
4) X-ray fluorescence
5) Industrial radiography
6) X-ray spectromicroscopy
7) Airport security luggage scanners
8) Border control truck scanners
9) X-ray fine art photography
10) Roentgen Stereophotogrammetry
11) X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy